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Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy 
Program Information Session

  • Are you thinking about expanding into integrative health care?

  • Interested in learning about Chinese Medicine?

  • Are you curious how to integrate Chinese Medicine

into your massage practice?

  • Ready to move beyond muscular therapy and go deeper

in your work with clients?

Open Pathways' mission is to offer massage therapist tools in

Chinese Medicine, to provide support for healthy body mechanics, and to offer you tools in self-care and embodiment so you can last for decades in the field. 

We offer 3 comprehensive programs:

  1. Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy

  2. Balance the Meridians Bundle

  3. Journey into Harmony using the Chinese Five Elements

Our programs provides a clear path into integrative health care by weaving

ancient Chinese healing techniques with Western massage therapy.


Raizelah Bayen,

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider

Passionate about teaching, Raizelah has trained massage therapists for over 20 years, teaching not only skills, but also how to deliver compassionate touch with presence. Her massage school provides the foundation and instruction needed by massage therapists who envision blossoming into integrative health care by weaving tools from Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy.  Her classes are holistic in nature, empowering you with skills to combine Meridian Massage, Acupressure and Aroma Acutouch Therapy with any bodywork modality.

*** Get answers to your questions about the program
*** Meet the instructor, Raizelah Bayen, and get a sense of her teaching style
*** Learn more about the program’s content and how you can use it your massage practice
*** Find out how you can have longevity in this field by learning techniques that are both gentle on your body, but have deep and lasting effects on your client
All of Open Pathways' classes are approved by the NCBTMB. 


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