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Massage and Acupressure Therapies

Raizelah's extensive background and training in both Eastern and Western massage modalities enables her to seamlessly weave the best of these varied techniques to create a bodywork session uniquely responsive to your expressed concerns or challenges.  

Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists

If you are a massage therapist with a desire to learn and to grow, you will find here a wide variety of continuing education (CE) classes Chinese Medicine here: Meridian Massage, Chinese Five Elements,  Acupressure, Aroma Acutouch Therapy, Essential Oil Therapeutics, and more. 

Integrative Wellness

Self-care is the foundation of wellness. These integrative wellness workshops will give you a variety of self-help tools, including self-massage, acupressure, yoga, meditation and the use of herbs and essential oils to relieve daily stresses and maintain health in a complex world.

" If you are lucky enough to attend one of Raizelah's courses, even as a seasoned therapist, you will gain experience and knowledge that only comes from someone as well-rounded in knowledge and as grounded as Raizelah. I highly recommend Raizelah as an instructor."

Laura Palmer, MHA and CMT at Sutter Integrative Health Center


"I like finding ways to work smarter not harder and this is helping with that. After 30 yrs my body hurts and I needed this in my tool bag." -Jessica Fodge, WA State LMT


" I would highly recommend any massage therapist to give their career the gift of a training with Raizelah." 

Heather Bishop, Spa Services Manager at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary


" Raizelah has helped me to expand what I offer to my clients, and has enabled me to help them in a new way that will prolong my career." -Mandy Hatch, LMT 


"I found the information that I learned from Raizelah to be life changing.  Additionally, it has increased the number of clients I can work on  without exhaustion." -Stephanie Vales, OR LMT


"This has helped me to help others by adding another tool to my toolbox, 

all while preventing wear and tear and burnout of traditional massage work." -Amy Cross, Maine LMT


"In Raizelah's classes, I have learned new skills that I can offer my clients, elevating my practice to new heights, separating my work from everyone else !  I highly recommend her courses to anyone who is even remotely interested in this world of Chinese Medicine!" 

-Erica Traveras, -NY LMT


"It is always good to have more “tools in the tool belt” to help our clients, but when the tools are fabulous, that’s even better.

The tools that I’ve learned in Raizelah's classes will greatly help me help my clientele." -Jennifer Rouse, TN LMT


"Raizelah's class has enhanced my massage practice and potentially prolonged my career. The integration of these course materials will definitely benefit my clients. Raizelah's instructions and communications were clear and informative. This was one of THE best classes on this topic I have experienced!" -TeriLyn Carter, OR LMT & Reiki Master

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