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Chinese Acupressure
to Regulate the
Five Element Cycles

Chinese Acupressure to Regulate the Five Element Cycles


Pre-requisite for this course: Aroma Acutouch Therapy to Balance the Chinese Five Elements

(or the equivalent)

In Chinese Five Element Cycles, you will deepen and expand the knowledge and skills acquired in Balance the Chinese Five Elements. Because the Five Elements are interconnected, an imbalance of one Element will always affect another. This course is an exploration of the relationship between the Elements along the Shen (Breeding) Cycle and the Ke (Control) Cycle. Using the 60 Command Points, you will learn the Transfer of Chi technique to achieve balance in the relationship between each of the Elements. This class emphasizes practical techniques, using Acupressure, essential oils and Aroma Acutouch Therapy to regulate the Breeding and Control Cycles of the Chinese Five Elements.

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