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Educational Materials

Support your education in Chinese Acupressure with these clear, concise, and easy-to-use booklets, books and charts.

Perfect size for referencing during client sessions, the booklet contains potent Acupressure sequences for your clients' most common complaints: shoulder-neck tension, low backache, fatigue, weak immunity, headaches, depression, stress and anxiety.

Potent Points for Common Complaints Booklet


Perfect size for referencing during client sessions, this booklet contains Chinese Meridians' Potent Points and Sequences, including detailed illustrations of points, anatomical descriptions of point locations, and point functions. 

Chinese Organ Meridians Points And Functions


Perfect size to reference during client session, this booklet contains Acupressure sequences using Source, Lo and Horary points, as well as Aroma Acutouch Therapy sequences to balance each of the Five Elements

Chinese Five Elements Acupressure and Aroma Acupoint Sequences


This booklet contains anatomical illustrations of 12 Organ Meridians with potent points along each. It provides locations and functions of Source, Yu, Lo, Entry and Exit points for each Meridian. In this book, you will also find information on the Chinese Body Clock, the Chinese Five Elements and assessment tools.

Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure Booklet


This 30 page booklet presents: 30 potent acupressure points locations, 45 clear anatomical line drawings, Illustrations to draw the 12 meridians, and space to write in source points, alarm points and yu points.

Acupressure Workbook


This chart illustrates all 12 Meridians, source points, Alarm points and potent acupressure points with color coding. Front, back and side views all in one chart. Also includes Five Element affirmations and laws.

Acupressure Point Laminated Chart


This Acupressure point learning aid provides an easy way to learn 30 of the most important, potent acupressure points for treatment and general wellness. One side of the card (5 ½” x 4 ¼”) has an anatomical drawing of the points. The opposing side contains the points: location, name, point reference number, finger pressure point applications, how to find the point, and traditional association and usages.

Acupressure Points Flashcards


30 Acupressure Meridian Flashcards are a great instructional tool; learn each of the Meridian routes, and the major acupressure points on each of these healing channels.

Over 20 line drawings illustrate the 12 Meridian pathways, and the traditional indications for use. Flashcards (5 ½” x 4 ¼”) are 2-sided, and include the source points and base points to balance energy within each Meridian.

Meridian Flashcards


This complete self-care point reference book contains 500 point illustrations and photos. Learn self-healing techniques using Acupressure points for relieving common ailments. This practical Acupressure guide covers fifty common symptoms, from allergies to TMJ and PMS, providing pressure point charts and self-healing exercises to relieve pain and restore wellness. This book provides easy Self-Acupressure routines and healing point formulas to enable you to relieve stress related problems from A to Z.

Acupressure's Potent Points Book


CEU Certificate


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