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Introduction to Chinese Five Elements

Introduction to the Chinese Five Elements
will be live online.
Offered 3 dates in Jan

Click below to register for your preferred date.
Instructor, Raizelah Bayen, 
NCBTMB Approved CE Provider,
WA State LMT

In this Live Online Introduction to the Chinese Five Elements, you will:

  • Learn the function of each Element in creating physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Explore the signs and symptoms, on every level of our being, that correspond to each Element's imbalance

  • Discover how to use potent Acupressure points and essential oils to cultivate balance in each Element

  • Ground your work with clients in a holistic approach to health

  • Cultivate your Chi with self-Acupressure exercises throughout the workshop

Space is limited to 100 participants. Reserve now to receive your Zoom link.

From the perspective of  Chinese Medicine, humans are seen as an integral part of nature. The components of the natural world, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire Elements are alive in each of us. The path to health and well-being is the cultivation of balance of the Elements within.


As massage therapists, we can deepen our self-care and our work with clients by learning to recognize the signs of imbalance and integrate tools from Chinese Medicine into our massage to restore balance to the Elements. 

This Introduction to the Chinese Five Elements is for passionate massage therapists who, like you, are dedicated to working from a holistic perspective with clients.  This workshop will give you a foundation in Chinese Five Element Theory, and equip you with the skills to put the theory into practice in your massage work right now.

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