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Introduction To Chinese Meridians

In the Chinese approach, life arises from the meeting of Heaven and Earth. “The breath of heaven,” known as Chi, descends in order to animate the physical world. Life is understood to be a silent flow of vital energies within our physical environment. Regulating the flow of these energies is the foundation of your health and vitality. The Chinese Organ Meridians are your keys to balancing these vital forces within yourself and your clients.

Your Workshop Instructor

Raizelah Bayen

Licensed Massage Therapist, 

Registered Yoga Instructor and 

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider 1000210

Free Online Workshop:

Introduction to Chinese Meridians

Only 100 spots available

Click below to register for your preferred date 

In this free online workshop, you will:

     *Discover the function of each Meridian in creating physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being
     *Recognize the signs of Meridian imbalance and how these imbalances may effect your vitality
     *Learn Acupoints to bring each Meridian back to  balance
     *Weave principles of Chinese Medicine into your bodywork
     *Expand your skillset and bodywork practice to increase your income

This workshop is live and will be followed with time for questions and discussion. 

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